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Shear Studs and Ceramic Ferrules Back


TRU-WELD offer a wide range of shear studs covering the majority of studs requirements. Studs are available in several diameters and lengths. The length of the stud is reduced approximately 1/8 to ¼ inch during the welding operation, this change must be considered when selecting a stud to fit a particular application. TRU-WELD studs are manufactured from ASTM A-108 Grades 1010 thru 1020 steel, which conforms to the applicable A.W.S. and I.C.B.O. standards.

All TRU-WELD studs are supplied with ceramic ferrules designed for use with the particular fastener ordered. Ferrules are specially designed of ball clay and talc, an excellent material to withstand heat shock as well as reasonably high temperatures without melting or breaking. TRU-WELD ferrules complement the perfect position arc initiator and the uniform flux load to effect a top quality weld.

An important part of the stud is the FLUX. The FLUX load is designed to assure excellent weld quality

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