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Mungo Certificate

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Mungo -Swiss Quality
Metal Anchors, Chemical Fixings, Insulation Fixings, Nylon Plugs, Drill Bits And Accessories.


ISO Certificate

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BVQI were called in May 2001 to evaluate our company & help us developing & implementing our internal procedures in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 requirements.Our aim was not to use the certification for marketing purpose, but we believed instead that the certification will help us getting more organized, and we decided to make our customers’ satisfaction as our main objective, and were successful after ten months to be audited for the certification and were granted the ISO 9001:2008 certificate on the 3rd of March 2002 which was upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 on the 2nd of March 2011.

ISO Quality Assurance Policy

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We made a very strict policy for ourselves which can keep us motivated. The objectives are not easy to be achieved and are going to be subject to a yearly audit by BVQI. However we believed that the hard work can secure the achievement of our main objectives & ensure our continuous respect to
our “Quality Assurance Policy”

We can brief our objectives as follows:

  • Gaining our Customers’ Satisfaction by offering Quality Products & Service.

  • Achieving an Annual Growth.

  • Enjoying a good reputation.

  • Working on a continuous improvement of our procedures & policies.

Specialist Converter For Plastazote Of Zotefoams Uk

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We are nominated by ZOTEFOAMS UK as their Exclusive Specialist Converter for the Middle East Region for their PLASTAZOTE range of Polyolefin Foams which are used to produce the “Foam Closures”, also known as “Eave Fillers” or “Filler Blocks”.

The Foam Closures, once cut to fit the profile sheet, are bulky & volumetric and cost a lot of money to ship them from UK to Dubai. Through the nomination of ZOTEFOAMS, we can now import the foam in sheets and cut them to profiled Foam Closures using high-tech machines. We can cut to any desired profile and the quality of the finished Foam Closures meet the satisfaction & approval of ZOTEFOAMS.