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The approved MULTI-MONTI installation system is based on a new concept in anchoring technology. The Screw Anchor is set without a plug, thus saving a huge amount of time.

The technical arguments have convinced everyone. Low screw-in torques, a fitting which is free of expansion pressure, and its approvals for cracked and un-cracked concrete are the most significant technical features of this screw anchor.

The MULTI-MONTI has the ability to work close to the edge, and without a torque wrench, and can be re-used.

HECO MULTI-MONTI is the first Screw Anchor to get the ETA approval.

MULTI-MONTI is available in different versions, and covers almost all areas of use.

The main advantages of MULTI-MONTI are:

No waste of time; the Anchor will bear the loads immediately.
Through bolt fixation is always possible.
No torque control required.
Easy power-tool handling.
Saves up to 50% of the assembly time.
It can be completely removed.

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