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Self Drilling Screws Back

Self Drilling Screws are sheet metal screws and do not require pre-drilling. The screw will do the drilling & tapping.

Carbon Steel Self Drilling Screws come with different drilling capacity and are available with Ruspert or Tufcote coating

Stainless Steel Self Drilling Screws can be made from SS410 or will be Bi-Metal in either SS304 or SS316. They are called Bi-Metal because they are made of two different metals:

The head & threaded part is made of stainless steel
The drill bit is made of carbon steel and is welded thru a unique process to the threaded part

Bi-Metal Self Drilling Screws can be Tufcote or Ruspert coated or Zinc Plated to protect the carbon steel drill bit from fast corrosion.

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